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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why haven’t I been posting.......?

Slackness... that's really all I can say if I am completely honest........ pure and simple slackness.........

BUT I have been busy.....

Got a job in May – 5 days a week – bit of a shock to the system but it's nearly 3 months down the track now and I THINK I am used to it!

Went to Stampin' Up Convention in May

Crafted around a real MESS as my craft room was being built...... but if you have seen where I do my crafty thing you'll know that that is nothing new......!

And then all the usual things that go along with a house, hubby, 2 teenagers and 2 cats!

Enough complaining I hear you say.... show us a card! OK - here is one I made for one of the ladies at work to give to a family member who recently got married.......


I totally LOVE how Teneal Williams does the inside of her cards so I did the inside of this one.......


It's hard to see in the below photo, but there is actually a little pocket where you can put your gift of cheque or money ....


Hope to be back with some photos of my new craft room.


Thanks for dropping in!








  1. OMG finally something to comment on....the card is still beautiful. The new craft room (could of been bigger Shrek) is brillant. Welcome back to the land of blogging, I have missed you.
    Marls xox