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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why haven’t I been posting.......?

Slackness... that's really all I can say if I am completely honest........ pure and simple slackness.........

BUT I have been busy.....

Got a job in May – 5 days a week – bit of a shock to the system but it's nearly 3 months down the track now and I THINK I am used to it!

Went to Stampin' Up Convention in May

Crafted around a real MESS as my craft room was being built...... but if you have seen where I do my crafty thing you'll know that that is nothing new......!

And then all the usual things that go along with a house, hubby, 2 teenagers and 2 cats!

Enough complaining I hear you say.... show us a card! OK - here is one I made for one of the ladies at work to give to a family member who recently got married.......


I totally LOVE how Teneal Williams does the inside of her cards so I did the inside of this one.......


It's hard to see in the below photo, but there is actually a little pocket where you can put your gift of cheque or money ....


Hope to be back with some photos of my new craft room.


Thanks for dropping in!