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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just so you know......

I am still alive and kicking.... barely..... did some damage to my ribs last week playing basketball. Extremely painful, especially when I sneeze, cough, laugh or breathe deeply. I had an x-ray and they are not broken, however the doctor cannot rule out a hairline fracture. Bruised or fractured.... it really doesn't matter there is no treatment..... and either way it will apparently take some weeks until I am back to normal.

Anyway - that's not why I haven't posted lately... it's because it's JELLY BABY TIME. That's right, JDRF is gearing up for the 2010 Jelly Baby Campaign which raises funds for research for a cure for TYPE 1 DIABETES which my daughter Alisha has. I help coordinate the Schools and Volunteers program here in Victoria and in Tasmania with the help of a small (there are 4 of us) group of very dedicated and passionate mums. So I have been busy preparing letters, forms, flyers, fielding phone calls, faxes, and many emails from those schools and supporters who are happy to take part in the campaign this year.

During May - if you go to Amcal or Safeway/Woolworths, please don't walk past the Jelly Baby themed merchandise without buying something.... and if merchandise is sold at your place of work or child's school - please buy some. May be you could sell some at your work - if you are interested, send me an email (see left) to find out more.

I am VERY excited about what's happening in the stampin' world next week - a new mini. That's right - the Autumn-Winter Mini Catalogue comes out on April 1st. Given the Easter break, I won't be posting again until April 6th, but tune in then to view the Catalogue online.

Happy Easter...

Fiona :)


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  2. Hope the ribs are better soon. So looking forward to Sydney, it is going to be awesome. Marls